Who Are We?


Orizant was established to provide simple, new and innovative technical solutions for the agricultural community. Agriculture is always pushing the limits and it seemed to us that their technology should too. Our main goal is to take on the complex problems food safety is presenting for the agricultural industry. We are committed to taking what has been an overwhelming problem and simplifying it as much as is possible, with the goal of creating a food safety cultural attitude that is PROactive than REactive, and that is simple enough for those just getting into a food safety program, yet robust enough for those who have had a program in place for years.

Our software has already been in use on several Ohio farms and has been through audits on those farms with no problems, verified by auditors from Primus and an auditor representing the USDA as an exciting and acceptable solution. It is providing those food safety managers with a real time snapshot of their food safety program and is allowing them to track issues and anomalies as they happen. As we continue to develop and expand our software base it is our hope that we can help every part of the agricultural industry become more active in their food safety programs.

Our team at Orizant has a background in the agricultural industry as a fifth generation farmer, an extensive background in the latest technology, and a heavy focus in business solutions and customer service. We provide one-to-one customer relations, working with farmers, packers, suppliers, retailers, and everyone in between to find personalized and complete solutions for their business needs.